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The idea for my Three Marys Series originated with a Call to Artists requesting artwork based on the Bible. I have been interested in the virgin births and the godly message delivery systems that are found in the origin stories of most major religions. Also, I had wanted to do a crucifixion piece for some time.  I had already done several paintings in cloth and acrylic paints featuring the Virgin Mary as my subject (see Acrylic Paintings). The Bible refers to, and master artists from Christian and non - Christian cultures throughout history, have always depicted several women attending Christ's crucifixion: his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and "the other Mary". There is quite a bit of controversy around who the this Mary really was and why she was there. That was enough information to begin Three Marys: Crucifixion. ​However, once the initial sketch had been completed I realized that the composition - three female figures mourning a prostrate male figure - was strong enough to tell several stories. 

DAWB_Three Marys_Crucifixion_RW.jpg

Three Marys: Crucifixion      2012 

 53 x 85 inches                                         

Cotton and polyester fabrics, cotton floss; bugle beads. Pieced and appliqued by machine. Embroidered, embellished and quilted by hand.

Williams Boyd_q_Three Marys_Freedom Ride

Three Marys: Freedom Riders     2012      

54 x 89 inches                                   

​Cotton and polyester fabrics, cotton floss. Pieced and appliqued by machine; embroidered and quilted by hand.​

DAWB_Three Marys_Vampire Brides_RW.jpg

Three Marys: Vampire Brides     2013  

 64 x 88 inches                               

​Cotton and polyester fabrics and lace, cotton floss, beads, sequins, button, polyester and silk ribbons. Appliqued by machine; embroidered, embellished and quilted by hand.

For inquires please contact Fort Gansevoort Gallery at:

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