The idea for my Three Marys Series originated with a Call to Artists from Avisca Fine Art Gallery  in September of 2011. They requested works of art depicting stories from the Bible. I have always been fascinated with the idea of the virgin births of gods, messengers and heroes that are found in the origin stories of most the major religions around the world. I had already done several paintings in cloth and acrylics on wood and cardboard  featuring the Virgin Mary as my subject. One of the few times she appears in the Bible is at her son's torture and murder by the local religious community. The Bible refers to, and master artists from Christian and non - Christian cultures throughout  history, have always depicted several women attending Christ's crucifixion. In the Gospel of John 19:25-27 Jesus speaks directly to his mother Mary.  Mary Magdalene is specified by name  as a witness to Jesus' crucifixion, his burial, and the discovery of his empty tomb. Mark 15:47 and Matthew 27:61 both name "the other Mary", who in Mark is "the mother of James" and is sometimes referred to as Mary Cleopas.  That was enough information to begin Three Marys: Crucifixion.  I had wanted to do a crucifixion piece for some time ,anyway,and this call gave me the impetus to begin.

However, once I had done the sketch I realized that the composition - three female figures kneeling over a prostrate male figure - was strong enough to tell several stories. Immediately several ideas came to me and voila -  a series is born! 

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(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd Three Marys: Crucifixion 2012

Three Marys: Crucifixion     53 x 85 inches               

Cotton and polyester fabrics, cotton floss; bugle beads. Machine pieced and appliqued. Embroidered, embellished and quilted by hand.


Three Marys: Freedom Riders      54 x 89 inches      

Cotton and polyester fabrics, cotton floss;

Machine pieced and appliqued. Embroidered and quilted by hand.​

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd Three Marys: Freedom Riders 2012

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd Three Marys: Vampire Brides 2013

NOTE: These three pieces were photographed on a black background. In each case the bottom edge is cut away and follows the contour of the figures or foreground.

Three Marys: Vampire Brides    64 x 88 inches SOLD

Cotton and polyester fabrics and lace, cotton floss,; beads, sequins, button, polyester and silk ribbons.Appliqued by machine. Embroidered, embellished and quilted by hand.

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© 2018 By Dawn A. Williams Boyd.

All rights reserved.

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