Dawn Williams Boyd


Collage is one of my favorite mediums because of the variety and richness of paper available from around the world. Like fabric, or acrylic paints for that matter, paper is available sheer or opaque, plain or highly figured, smooth or textured. The color range is unlimited, as are the sources of materials - magazines, newspapers, circulars, catalogues, wallpaper and art supply and fabric stores. Then there are all the things you can add, and ways to manipulate the resulting surface. Size is only limited by underlying structure and the amount of material at hand.

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 1996

(c) Dawn  A. Williams Boyd 1996

EXPECTATIONS 1 (left) and 2 (right)​     66 x 46 inches                                        

Paper Collage, acrylic paint and permanent ink on either side of corrugated cardboard.

© 2018 By Dawn A. Williams Boyd.

All rights reserved.

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