Dawn A. Williams Boyd

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Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope you have enjoyed these images of my artwork, but keep in mind that these are just images. 'Viewing' original artwork electronically is like getting to know someone by looking at their photograph, or eating a piece of fruit online. Electronic 'viewing' doesn't allow you to experience the fine two dimensional details or to savor the rich textural qualities of the fabric and embellishments that make my work unique. Original artwork, mine in particular, needs to be 'seen' - up close, live and in person. Though artists create art work for our own inner peace, there is really just no point without a live audience to share it with.

Let me pause to give a word of thanks to several people without whom none of this would be possible: my God for blessing me with this talent,my ancestors for nurturing it; my husband, artist Irvin Wheeler, for his constant encouragement and patience; my daughters Dziko and Iyabo Boyd for understanding when their mother was away from home doing artsy stuff; my friend Elizabeth Braden for holding my hand during the process of building this site; my photographers Neal Stafford and Max Osborne for the professional images of my work. And special thanks to my fellow artists for the many pats on the back and, most important, my patrons for their emotional and monetary support. I couldn't do this without all of you!


Last word: Please support your local artists by attending our events and exhibitions, and of course, by purchasing our work. Art is essential to the development of a whole, sane individual in this society. It is an outlet for aggression; it teaches problem solving  and project organization skills; it encourages us to learn about ourselves by learning about other times and other cultures; to see ourselves as others see us.

For inquires please contact Fort Gansevoort Gallery at: gallery@fortgansevoort.com

© 2018 By Dawn A. Williams Boyd.

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