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Early in my career I discovered that there was a non-toxic, non-smelly, oil free, quick drying and water soluble alternative to oil paints. Acrylic paints would allow me all the versatility of oils without all the waiting and mess.  I have used acrylic paints on paper, canvas, corrugated cardboard and distressed plywood. My favorite method involves building up multiple thin washes of color in a watercolor style. Oil painters will disagree, but I believe that acrylic paints are superior to oils in their versatility over a multitude of surfaces from fabric to bricks.

(c) Dawn  A. Williams Boyd 2002

Black and Blue Clouds       18 x 24 inches                          

Acrylic paint and permanent ink on watercolor paper.


(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd

Decatur, GA 2000                14 x 18 inches.                          SOLD

Series: Sins of the Fathers

Acrylic paint on canvas.


(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 1998

Marion, IN 1930                           48 x 48 inches.                          

Series: Sins of the Fathers

Acrylic paints on smooth plywood

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 1996.

Annunciation                                37 x 70 inches                           

Goddess Series.

Acrylic paints on corrugated cardboard.


(c) Dawn Williams Boyd 1998

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 1998

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1935                     24 x 36 inches              

Series: Sins of the Fathers

Acrylic paints on distressed plywood

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