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Dawn Williams Boyd

The Ladies Night series celebrates  the things women enjoy doing together when we are 'out with the girls'. You will notice that Billie's Bar & Grill, though it is the last page (currently) in the story, was the first image completed. This is often the case in my series - one piece will spawn ideas for multiple pieces/images - very much like a short story that is expanded into a novel where prequels and sequels add depth to the primary story line.



Ladies Night: Lake Steam

62 x 59 inches                          2012       

Assorted fabrics and laces, beads and sequins.  Appliqued by machine; embroidered, embellished and quilted by hand.

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd  Ladies Night: Billie's Bar and Grill 

Ladies Night: Waitress!           

69.5 x 45 inches                                    2013

Assorted fabrics. Beads, sequins, cowrie shells, metal filigree, buttons. Appliqued by machine; embroidered, embellished and quilted by hand.

Ladies Night: Hurry Up and Get Your Red Dress On  

69.5 x 51.5 inches                            2013

​Assorted fabrics, cotton floss, ribbon, and lace. Appliqued by machine; quilted and embroidered by hand.

Ladies Night: Billie's Bar and Grill

70 x 42 inches                           2009

Assorted fabrics. Beads and sequins, cowrie shells. Appliqued by machine; embroidered and embellished and quilted by hand.

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