The 'COMING HOME' Exhibition

“Coming Home” was a solo exhibition of my ‘cloth paintings’ created during 2014-2017. The title has less to do with a theme  and more to do with the acknowledgement of the end of one phase of my life-long art career and the beginning of another.

Throughout history artists have had to leave their homes and often their countries in order to hone their skills and find validation and critical attention. This has been particularly true of Black American artists such as Elizabeth Catlett, Augusta Savage, Lois Mailou Jones, Barbara Chase-Ribound and others. Some were escaping racism or McCarthyism, while some were just trying to find an audience who could look past the color of their skin.


I did not have to leave the country to pursue my art and I only got as far as Denver, Colorado. Early on I was fortunate to be introduced to a remarkable community of conscious Black visual artists. For over thirty years I developed my craft, honed my skills, made connections to the local arts mavens and gained a reputation as a skilled, talented and prolific practitioner of the visual arts.

Of course, those who are blessed must often face adversity. Due to some life events I was forced to return home to Atlanta in 2010 and due to those events I was unable create or exhibit my work for two years. Contemporary artists are only as well known as their last exhibition. I went from being a medium sized fish in a small pond to feeling like plankton in the ocean of Atlanta’s art scene. Since 2010 I have been fighting my way into the awareness of the artistic establishment here in Atlanta and throughout the US.

This solo exhibition at Southwest Art Center is a major step toward achieving some recognition for my work here in Atlanta. “Coming Home” serves notice to my fellow artists and to those entities that can ‘make’ an artist’s career that I am back home!


Some of these images also appear on my New Cloth Paintings page. I've created this page so that you can see the entire 'Coming Home' exhibition at once. The last  piece on this page, "Toxicity", did not make the curator's cut for the gallery exhibition due to a lack of space. 

(c) Dawn Williams Boyd   SOLD
"Six Feet of Water: Evangeline, LA 1927"    
70 x 70 inches                                        
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
"Bad Blood: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment - Macon County, AL 1932-1972"
53 x 68 inches                                            SOLD                
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
" Bill Cosby's Picnic"
59 x 37 inches           SOLD
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd     
"Piscean Dancer"
59 x 47 inches           SOLD          
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
"The Ladder to Success"
60 x 36 inches   SOLD    
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd       SOLD
"Baptizing Our Children in a River of Blood"     
 36 x 48 inches                                     

(C) Dawn Williams Boyd

"We Shall Overcome"

69 x 46 inches  SOLD      

(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
 48 x 72 inches                     
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd "Trump Day/ Uncle Sam's Picnic"
59 x 37 inches       
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
"The Third Swan"   
51 x 82 inches    SOLD
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
'The Right to (MY) Life"
36 x 48 inches                                                     
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd "Mammy's Revenge: Broken Promises"
59 x 48                           
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
"Maximum Capacity"
36 x 36 inches   SOLD
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
"The Artist's Muse"
76 x 59 inches   SOLD
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd "Clashing Cultures"
  84 x 41                SOLD                      
(c) Dawn Williams Boyd
" Toxicity"                   
 46 x 72                                           

© 2018 By Dawn A. Williams Boyd.

All rights reserved.

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