Dawn Williams Boyd
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(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 1996

​Gangsta's Paradise   58 x 105 inches                      

Paper collage on corrugated cardboard.


col·lage  (k-läzh, k-) n.1. 

a. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color.
b. A work composed of both borrowed and original material.
c. An assemblage of diverse elements


patch·work  (pchwûrk) n.

1. Needlework consisting of varicolored patches of material sewn together, as in a quilt.
2. A collection of miscellaneous or incongruous parts; a jumble.

paint·ing  (pntng) n.

1. The process, art, or occupation of coating surfaces with paint for a utilitarian or artistic effect.
2. A picture or design in paint.

cloth  (klôth, klth) n. pl. cloths (klôths, klôz, klths, klz)

1. Fabric or material formed by weaving, knitting, pressing, or felting natural or synthetic fibers.
2. A piece of fabric or material used for a specific purpose

Cloth Paintings by Dawn (klôth pntngz bi dôn)

1. All of the above

(c) Dawn A, Williams Boyd 1995

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 2003

Mona Lisa East                     30 x 20 inches                   

Paper collage

Butterflies Hover           18 x 24 inches                               

Paper collage on watercolor paper.

© 2018 By Dawn A. Williams Boyd.

All rights reserved.

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