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Dawn Williams Boyd


I often work in series - multiple images of the same theme or story - because one piece does not always satisfy my need to know more, or say more about a subject.  I have several  on-going series. Four of them:  Sins of the Fathers (16 paintings in cloth and acrylic paints on canvas or plywood); The Things That Kids Do (21 cloth paintings and 24 bas-reliefs in plastic based clay);  Ladies Night (four cloth paintings; and Streets of Atlanta (four cloth small cloth paintings, so far)  have their own pages on this site.

However, some pieces, like those featured  on this page, are able to stand alone,  because the image is strong enough to encapsulate the entire idea, message or story in one piece.



Odalisque.           86 x 67 inches.                   Under contract

Assorted fabrics and trim, kente cloth, cowrie shells, metallic plates, beads and sequins.  Machine appliqued and quilted. Embroidered and embellished by hand.                                                                             

Abeba, Chinwe's Daughter. ​72 x 42 inches.Assorted fabrics. Beads. Machine pieced and appliqued.Embroidered and embellished by hand.  

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd        Odalisque                              2005

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd Abeba Chinwe's Daughter 2008

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd      Sankofa       2010

Burdens and Blessings        73 x 51 inches.                SOLD

Assorted fabrics including cotton and silk photo fabric. Machine pieced and quilted. Embroidered by hand.      

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd  2008

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd              Hope is Frail But Hard To Kill  (detail)                   2014

(c)Dawn A. Williams Boyd       Please Mr. President                        2008

Please Mr. President.     108 x 66 inches.            

Assorted fabrics. Purchased flags. Pieced, appliqued, embroidered and quilted by hand.   SOLD                                                                                     

Please Mr. President ​ was completed during the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, CO while I was in residence at Platte Forum leading a group of children from Colfax Community Network as they created 4 x 4 foot hand stitched self portrait quilts. This piece is totally hand stitched. It was originally titled Quilting with Ms. Dawn and was planned to depict me and the children working on a patchwork quilt. When Barak Obama made political history I couldn't resist the chance to comment on the youth movement that he eventually rode in the White House.

(c) Dawn A. Williams Boyd 2008

Hope Is Frail But Hard To Kill (detail)          34 x 23 inches    NFS    

 Assorted fabrics and flosses. Silk robbon, Acrylic paints and fabric dyes.Pieced, appliqued and quilted by machine. Embroidered by hand.

© 2018 By Dawn A. Williams Boyd.

All rights reserved.

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